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Facia/ Myo-facial release

Why is everyone talking about it?

And why is it so important to have it released?

Fascia is a thin, tough, elastic type of connective tissue that webs around the whole body and wraps most structures within the human body. Fascia supports and protects these structures. Fascia can become restricted due to overuse, trauma, infectious agents, or inactivity and poor posture.

Fascia can get tightness throughout all its layers. This can have effects sticking the muscles to the surrounding tissues such as other muscles, tendons, Skin layers, bones and joint structures and even the organs.

Tightness in the fascia will often result in pain, muscle tension, and corresponding diminished blood flow. Although fascia and its corresponding muscle are the main targets of myofascial release, other tissue may be addressed as well, including other connective tissue.

Times when you may need some fascial release are;

  • Tightness that isn’t remedied be stretching

  • Burning pain in a muscle during simple activities such as walking

  • Foot pain and calf pain is often facial tightness related

  • Pain caused from poor postures

The words facial release get said a lot, around remedial therapies and other home therapy devices such as rollers and other tools, but when not done correctly have little impact on the fascia.

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves assessing the fascia and finding the areas and directions of restriction. Then gentle sustained pressure is applied into the connective tissue restrictions. The procedure is usually a very slow drag skin to skin without the use of oils. This may be slightly uncomfortable and may feel like a “Chinese burn” and the skin may be hot and red in appearance after this technique.

Facial release is very safe and is suitable for most clients. It is very useful for athletes who are lacking flexibilities for their individual sports. Examples are gymnasts and martial artists, to name a couple, but is suitable for general population who don’t participate in sports but experience tightness resulting from poor posture and inactivity.

If you have never tried Facial release and want to know more about treatments and if it is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact Sports Myotherapy any time for a chat, and for bookings.

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