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About Sports Myotherapy

Sports Myotherapy is a unique therapy system which is designed using the techniques of myotherapy together with knowledge and skill set of a sports therapist.

By combining the two modalities to which there is vast overlap, it ensures the clients get the best possible outcomes from treatment, and leave with the correct tools to ensure quicker recovery and avoid reoccurrence.

Our mission at Sports Myotherapy is to provide the best possible treatment, specifically tailored to an individual’s needs, whether it is a chronic condition that a client is suffering from for a longer period of time or an acute injury, something that has just happened to the client.

While other methods can provide good “bandaid solutions”, sports myotherapy is specially designed to tackle the source of the problem and work with it there, finding a faster, more effective treatment method.

Sports myotherapy differs from other therapy systems simply because of the time spent with the client far exceeds that of other therapies, thus ensuring correct time spent on assessment to ensure the correct treatment plan is created specific to the client’s needs. Treatment is never the same for two people and so too is the corrective exercises that are the prescribed post treatment. With a balance of stretching and corrective strength exercises, not generically chosen specifically for the individuals needs, ensures best possible results from treatment.

This ensures better recovery, prevents reoccurrence and reduces dependency on therapies and less visits for treatment.

Sports Myotherapy will not only tackle the problem from its foundation but will also enable you to understand the initial cause of your injury. Sports Myotherapy is all about education that will also give you the tools and knowledge to better understand what pain is, why it happens, how to work with and eliminate pain from your life, improve body functionality and maintain quality of life.

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