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Why do you need sports myotherapy?

Sports myotherapy uses a range of tools to aid the healing/recovery process. One of the main tools used is “Deep Tissue Massage”. Deep tissue therapy can help your muscles repair and recover by increasing blood flow to the muscles, removal of waste build up in the muscles, deactivation if painful trigger points in the muscles, decrease muscle spasms, break up of misaligned scar tissue and a manual stretch manipulation of the muscle tissue.

A standard myotherapists treatment usually consists of an initial assessment, postural observation and any relevant testing to understand the client’s condition. The physical treatment is then put into practice; this is made up of many tools, such as deep tissue massage, Dry needling therapy, myofascial cupping, muscle energy techniques and advanced stretching. Post treatment is always followed by a reassessment and then exercises and relevant stretching is prescribed as well as home advice to aid recovery and improve quality of life.

Sports myotherapy is proud to announce the opening of a new practice location. Our myotherapist will be offering before and after hours clinic treatments in East St Kilda, and still glad to be running out of the heart of Hawthorn. Call or email for appointments and availability.

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